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All kids want to play

Kids with disabilities are no different.

Children with disabilities can and should be included.


Inclusive Playground

A more inclusive playground was brought to the forefront when a student with complex needs began as a kindergarten student at our school this past September.


This student is a happy, joyful boy who uses a wheel chair to get from place to place. He’s learning to walk at his own pace, has global development delays, is nonverbal and has an autism diagnosis. During his time at West Kent he has made many friends from all different grades and many of the students of the school are learning what it’s like to have a peer with complex needs.


The entire West Kent community is excited to expand the current playground. A key principle of the expansion will be involving the children in the vision, design and fundraising for a playground. In addition, this project will provide a safe and accessible playground for the community at large, who will have access to the playground outside school hours. We are excited about providing students, with diverse needs, the opportunity to play independently with their peers and ultimately develop a deeper connection among all students.

The Home and School Association is raising funds to ensure our school playground is inclusive for all students.

Thank you to our generous supporters

  • West Kent Silent Auction

  • Rotary Club

Please contact with Home and School if you are able to help apply for Grants. 


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