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Chalkboard Drawings

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December at West Kent Elementary School

The Christmas Shop is an much loved experience for the children as well as parent volunteers. Watching the children’s reactions to independently having an opportunity to shop for gifts for their parents or caregivers is a priceless experience!

What is a Christmas Shoppe?

Offers children the opportunity to shop for two gifts (for their parents/guardians/care givers, or loved ones) independently allowing an element of surprise on Christmas morning and allows children to discover the joy of giving! 

All gifts will be priced at $1

Each child brings $2 to school to purchase two gifts with.  

What we ask

For families to donate two gifts per child (a female and male oriented gift).

Gently used items are perfect to donate, please don't go out and buy anything. 

Only donations of clothing that are new and still tagged accepted.

Women: Pens, Candles, Jewelry, Frames, Creams (unopened), Travel mugs, Stationary sets, Scarves, Socks, Jams / preserves, Anything for Paper Crafts, Stamps, Kitchen supplies, Soaps, Tupperware 

Men: Ties, Measuring tapes, Snow Scrapers, Flashlights, Phone Chargers, Gloves, Shaving Cream, Bungee Cords. 

You child may leave their donation in the gift wrapped box in the main foyer.

​Profits will be donated to families in need.

Any child without gift donations and/or money will be allowed to participate.


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